Macintosh Technology

The Mac Conversion

I’m in the middle of a project to convert an old ‘Toaster’ Mac into something a bit more modern. It took a while to get the donor machine, get the tools to crack it open, and still need to do some clean-out while I wait for the first ‘new’ parts, an LCD that *should* hopefully fill the screen space reasonably well. Here’s some pics of the first part of the process.

I’ve got a box of components now, so I’m figuring out layout and what will need to be modified. I’ve started cutting acrylic for structural use.

Some more pics of my Mac conversion project. Got the monitor mostly set up today!

Due to some mistakes and learning opportunities, I’m taking a second swing at this project. Here’s some pics of the new ‘donor’ a Mac Plus in great condition.

Some work is being done on the front bezel. I may have to cut the case a bit more (which will suck!) to accommodate the cables for the display (which I can’t run internally), but it does work!