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Actual Play: Heavy Gear Blitz 3.1

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I’m getting to actually play Heavy Gear Blitz via a semi-regular monthly game day scheduled at Gamers Corps in Old Ellicott City (OEC)!

This means several positive things:

Social Interaction

Really, it’s good for me. Getting out and talking to people is good. (Online is good, too.)

Motivation to Paint

Definite reasoning to paint my pile of Heavy Gear minis and to paint more ‘troops’ and less ‘big tanks and striders’ as the troops are really necessary.

Motivation to Write

I’m trying to use this blog in part to have some little essays about the game mechanics. I’ve done work for DP9 in a technical way but not in a rules/lore way, so I am neither official in any of those senses or indicating anything. If I say the Caprice line needs a cheap local ‘engineer’ model that’s just me running my mouth.

Motivation to Improve

Someone what contrary to the above, I also hope to spend some time looking at the work I’ve done for DP9 and making it an easier, better experience for users.