Mac Plus Plans

I’ve had the Mac Plus “on blocks” for a few months, but really want to get back to it when another couple projects are complete. I have a few to-do items:

  1. Rebuild the monitor mount. I already have acrylic cut for this!
  2. Add front-panel USB which requires some cleverness.
  3. Rebuild the OS to run Mojave. I think my video card is thankfully supported, so it should be possible. I’m thinking my best bet is buy a spare SSD and try to set it up for macOS Mojave, with the main SSD disconnected.
  4. Tighten the screws! Right now if you look at it wrong the front bezel can fall off.
  5. Interior Cleanup, including better locking for the power supply and motherboard.

In general I’m glad I tried this project: It was a fun way to be creative and I got to learn a lot a bit about soldering, laser cutting, and more.

I’m also looking through my leftovers and considering building a dedicated Steam OS machine for the living room.