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Heavy Gear Squad

WFPA Squad

I dug this squad out while sorting through some old minis and cleaning up my basement. It’s a WFPA squad featuring a Mauler Bear leading two ‘Dogfire’ upgraded Mad Dog R Gears with two Bobcats with the rocket packs replaced by a small shoulder rotary cannon.

WFPA Squad
The Squad ready to go.

I need to upgrade my photo setup so these are quick & dirty pics with my cell phone. The featured pics below are especially bad I admit.

Mad Dog R with the ‘Dogfire’ upgrade.

The Dogfire upgrade was ‘normally’ depicted as a hand-held weapon, but it includes removing one half of the rocket packs anyway, so I modeled it as a shoulder-mounted weapon. I like Gear 2 here posed as ‘stabilizing’ the LFG it’s got shoulder mounted.

These pics also make it clear why I’m not an award-winning painter.

Bobcat Gears