10-Jul Tabletop Games

RPG.net “Let’s Reads”

I’ve been working on a few “Let’s Reads’ on the web site rpg.net. RPG.net user Leonaru maintains a great index of ones people have done.

The four I’ve done so far are:

  • HR5: The Glory of Rome Part of an AD&D 2nd Edition attempt to support ‘Historical Role Playing’ with books for various time periods and regions.
  • HR3: Celts Campaign Book Another historical book, this one covering the Celtic people. These tend to be somewhat weird due to trying to fit a hundreds of years of history into a thin book.
  • CGR1: The Complete Spacefarer’s Handbook Essentially a “Player’s Guide” for the Spelljammer setting

I enjoy doing these, although I am very self-conscious that I don’t get the same level of commentary as some of the Let’s Reads others do on rpg.net. They’re a good way to get some practice writing and looking at rules. I try to remind myself that some of the more successful Let’s Reads are those focused on monster books with very ‘bite-sized’ content, and I’ve covered two pseudo-historical books with some deep text. Also, it is a challenge to comment on the material, not summarize it.